MSM Ageless Eye & Face Serum 2oz (2 Pack)

MSM Ageless Eye & Face Serum 2oz (2 Pack)


MSM Ageless Eye & Face Serum: Buy 2 and Save 10%

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MSM Ageless Eye and Face Serum

  • Reduces Puffiness Under and Around the Eyes
  • Enhances Skin & Collagen Hydration
  • Tightens and Firms Facial Tissue
  • Helps Eliminate Dark Circles

Eliminates Acne Rapidly

Seventy five percent of our skin is comprised of water and collagen, the connective tissue that makes up our skin. Our skin is exposed to harsh UVA and UVB radiation resulting in age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen and what we do have remaining simply starts to dry out and shrink up, leading to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Most anti-aging products use fragments of hydrolyzed collagen containing molecules too large for the skin with conventional formulas. MSM Health Solutions breakthrough formula, 17 years in development, now, delivers exactly what the collagen molecules in the skin need to make them soft and permeable so they can retain fluid and plump up so that fine lines and wrinkles slowly disappear .

The “OptiMSM”-rich Eye & Face Serum is applied to the skin, rebuilding and rejuvenating the collagen and surrounding tissue.*

Reduces Puffiness Under and Around the Eyes by removing the Inflammation or the pooled fluid that is evident especially around the eyes. “OptiMSM”MSM”, is a natural anti-inflammatory. It will remove the excess fluid very rapidly.*

Enhances Skin & Collagen Hydration because our “OptiMSM” molecule is small enough to penetrate the pours of your skin, this sulfur molecule is the one substance on earth that can penetrate the collagen and allow it to become soft and permeable and then retain fluid to plump up, therefore raising fine lines and wrinkles. Restores Your Radiant, Firmer Skin.*

Helps Eliminate Dark Circles because as the collagen dries up and shrinks, the surrounding tissue as well as the collagen changes. This is brought on because of environmental issues in the air around us daily as well as foods we eat and simply our bodies changing as we age. The “OptiMSM” in high concentration in our Serum, counter acts these changes and therefore the skin reacts and changes as well.*

Eliminates Acne Rapidly because “OptiMSM” is organic Food Grade Sulfur. This sulfur is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Acne is bacteria and dirt in the cells. If you clean the skin well and eliminate the bacteria, acne is eliminated very rapidly.


Eliminates the Look of Dark Circles

  • Restores the nutrients needed to the collagen and surrounding tissue in the form of hydration to the under eye area while removing the pooling of fluid which is puffiness.
  • Reduces the Appearance of FINE LINES AND Wrinkles*
  • The boost in collagen hydration and elasticity helps retain the skin’s dermal structure which results in reduction of the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Enhances COLLAGEN AND Skin TISSUE Hydration*
  • The active ingredients facilitate in trapping moisture in collagen and tissue, which in turn hydrates the skin and prevents cracking.
  • Counters Effects of ENVIROMENTAL  and PHYSICAL Stress ON SKIN*
  • Boosts skin immunity and prevents damaging effects of free radicals. Eliminates toxins and debris that makes skin dull and discolored.


OptiMSM® Eye & Face Serum Gel applied topically is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*
  • Strengthen the skin’s protective barrier*

Even skin tone* OptiMSM® applied topically may help:

  • Support the structural integrity of skin*
  • Improve skin’s firmness and elasticity*


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Weight 4 oz
MSM Ageless Eye & Face Serum

Buy 2 and Save 10%


Purified Water
Witch Hazel
Aloe Vera
Vegetable Glycerin USP
Carbomer 940
Hyaluronic Acid
Tocopherol Vitamin E.